Tristan Bates Theatre

Don't You Dare!

Panta Rei Theatre present 


by Chiara D'Anna 


8th - 13th April 

9:15pm (8:30pm on the 8th) 





A multilingual political satire to expose the witch hunts of our present time.

Award-winning director and performer Chiara D’Anna returns to Voila! Europe with her trademark surreal comedy. Her latest solo show, Don’t You Dare! is a high-energy satire that combines Storytelling, Physical Theatre and a contemporary reinterpretation of the Masks of Commedia dell’Arte to expose the witch hunts of our present time.

It's 1601: a famous actress accused of mesmerising her audiences, stands trial for witchcraft. As the trial unfolds, an entire nation turns against her, hypnotised by fear and propaganda. Drawing parallels between the violence, oppression and indoctrination of the Inquisition, and the hate speech of contemporary politics, Don’t You Dare! weaves a narrative across centuries of attacks on women, the arts, and freedom of expression.

Panta Rei Theatre - ‘everything flows’ - creates visceral, poetic and visionary performances to inspire, challenge, and empower their audiences. Interested in the cultural exchange between people coming from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities, Panta Rei Theatre loves to experiment with different languages and the variety of sonorities and rhythms of each performer celebrating each actor’s individuality and uniqueness.

Chiara D'Anna is an award-winning stage and film actress, best known for her lead role in the acclaimed The Duke of Burgundy (2014) and Berberian Sound Studio (2012). She is the Artistic Director at Panta Rei Theatre and one of the leading practitioners in Commedia dell'Arte in the UK.

Following London festivals, Don’t You Dare continues its European tour, with performances in Rome, Torino and Milano.  

Supported by the Cass, School of Art, Architecture and Design





Commedia dell’Arte for the 21st Century Masterclass with Chiara D’Anna

Thursday 11th April, 10:00 - 13:00. £20.

For Actors, Students, Teachers and Playful People!

Run by one of the leading practitioners in the UK, this Commedia dell’Arte masterclass will offer you the opportunity to discover and expand skills that are fundamental in any performance setting: body and space awareness, physical stamina, a clear understanding of rhythm-tempo and, of course, comic timing.


Devising Solo Performance Masterclass with Chiara D’Anna

Thursday 11th April. 14:00 - 17:00, £20

This masterclass is an introduction to skills and techniques for creating, developing and performing solo theatre shows. It will be a playful, energising and stimulating workshop to discover the extraordinary potentials of your imagination and the expressivity of body and voice. You will ‘write’ your own characters and your own stories experimenting with the same techniques that Chiara utilised to create her one-woman show Don’t You Dare!

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Multiroles Chiara D’Anna



Author Chiara D’Anna

Director Chiara D’Anna

Light & Set Designer Jelmer Tuinstra

Costume Designer Natasa Stamatari

A previous version of Don't You Dare! was directed by Baris Celiloglu at the Cockpit Theatre.



“Don’t You Dare! reminds us that as long as there are institutions and public figures who infringe on the well-being and rights of others, there is always a need for the fearless of heart.”Breaking the 4th Wall

“Chiara D’Anna stood out from the ensemble, chameleon-like in her ability to transform herself into different characters without a ripple...exceptional.- Fringe Review****

“An intuitive company whose physical work is superb.” – Time Out****

“An intelligent and inventive company.” - Exeunt Magazine****















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