Tristan Bates Theatre


Showcasing and supporting the best contemporary theatre in the heart of Covent Garden.

An acclaimed, intimate studio theatre in central London, the Tristan Bates Theatre has a reputation for supporting and showcasing new writing, contemporary productions and work by regional and international companies. The venue offers an ideal destination for audiences in the heart of the West End and Covent Garden, alongside strong industry connections through the Actors Centre.

We're open to projects across a range of performance disciplines, and work closely with artists and companies across all areas of production to offer a level of support above and beyond a typical receiving house. We're interested in where you're going: what are the goals for this project and the one after that (and the one after that), and what role can we play in helping you achieve them?

We see the effects of this approach time and again when companies return to us with bigger and better visions - from development showings turning into full shows, to emerging companies premiering their first Arts Council funded projects and established companies returning with expanded ambitions.

We're part of the Actors Centre, the UK's leading organisation for the continual professional development of actors, and regularly integrate our theatre programme with workshops and industry events at the Actors Centre to generate the broadest exposure of the work and offer new insights to audiences. The Tristan Bates Theatre and the Actors Centre have a vision to support artists and companies not just to achieve the best possible work, but to develop on to the next stages of their careers.

If you would like to submit a project for programming, please email our producer Matthew Keeler on [email protected] with an outline of the project and why you'd like to bring it to the TBT.
Please note that we operate primarily as a receiving house and so are not able to consider scripts that do not have producers attached.

Hiring the Theatre

The theatre is available for day hires and occassionally for one-off evening performances (please note this is only possible when our main programme is not running 6 nights a week).

Our intimate theatre is the perfect size for rehearsed readings and showcases. Our central location means that invited audiences find it easy to attend. Our reasonable rates for performance hires make us a great London venue for small scale national tours in order to get that all important press coverage.

With over 10,000 People visiting our theatre in the last year we are a well known venue in the acting community, wider industry and public alike. Giving a great advantage for auditions, rehearsed readings and performances. Our welcoming Green Room Café Bar makes a comfortable environment for conversations to continue.