Tristan Bates Theatre

The Story's End

Threedumb Theatre present 


by Paul Daly 


Saturday 9th February 




New Writing / Spoken word / Live Music


Actor and spoken word poet, Paul Daly, presents his debut piece of new writing.


John wasn’t different

In fact he was just the same.

He was born to regular parents

And was given a normal name.

But John had turned to Jonny

And Jonny had turned to drugs.

And John, now Jonny’s, family

Had all but given up.


So join us on the 9th,

Come on and bring your friends,

To see our Jonny's story

And how the story ends.


Part of Threedumb Theatre's Six Plays, One Day.




This production is presented as part of Threedumb Theatre's Six Plays, One Day. The ticket pricing works as follows:

1 show - £8.00

2 shows - £14.00 (12.5% discount)

3 shows - £20.00 (17% discount)

4 shows - £25.00 (22% discount)

5 shows - £28.00 (30% discount)

6 shows - £30.00 (37.5% discount)




Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the performance begins. We cannot guarantee entry to the performance once it has begun. The Actors Centre reserves the right to refuse entry.


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