Tristan Bates Theatre

The Far Extended Baleful Power of the Lie

One-Man Show 

Thu 1 March
Standard Price: £7/£5 Concs.

" A man's character is the only Kingdom he should seek to conquer"

This is a piece of solo theatre that brings its audience hurtling through thirty years of one man's history - Humanitarian, Revolutionary, Campaigner, Whistle-blower and Spy; Sir Roger Casement. It stretches from the height of the British Colonial Empire to the chaos of the First World War. From sailing up the Congo river and uncovering the atrocities within, to siding with Germany on the eve of the Great War and raising a revolutionary army to fight for it's independence and his native Ireland's. After being knighted for his work on behalf the British Empire he was then slandered, tried and hung by the very same government…

After the performance this workshop will include a discussion on how the themes raised in this historical piece present themselves in today’s world, and on the role of the individual in making change. 

Also expect interaction and participation throughout the event; who knows what part you may have to play in the story that unfolds...

What is it to be truly free? How can we bring peace to our world while being at war with ourselves?



Actor Andrew Macklin



Director Colin Whatkeys