Tristan Bates Theatre

Taking Liberties


by Caroline Gray 


28th & 29th January 




A comedy that charts the life of down on her luck Amy as she tries to reconnect with her brother after years in care.


Join Amy as she takes us on a hilarious, vivid and sometimes brutal journey through her life. The key people and events that have shaped her.

From losing her Morrisons job for chucking sausages at a customer; to filming Baked-bean fetish videos in a paddling pool; to switching on the old “Oliver twist” to get away with a bit of childhood shop lifting. She does her own thing and she certainly doesn’t need to rely on anyone else for help.

There's never a dull moment with Amy but can she move away from past mistakes and forge a lasting relationship with her brother? Or will she fall back into old habits?



Caroline Gray 



Director Stephanie Silver



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