Tristan Bates Theatre

Sticks and Mangos


by Shaquille John 


1st - 3rd May 




Part of the John Thaw Initiative 

Curated by Otherland Theatre 

‘Listen, brother man. They can fight for their rights except for that one.’

An in-depth look at a father-son relationship, immigration and the generation gap between attitudes of masculinity and homosexuality.

Set in London, 2018, the play centers around Trinidad and Tobago’s dissolution of Section 13 of the Sexual Offences Act 1986 in the summer of last year. A descendent of ‘The Buggery Law’ that was established since the colonization of the islands in 1889, you can argue that the Sexual Offences Act and prior laws birthed the strong and violent attitudes against the LGBTQI+ community in the saturated islands of the Caribbean.

With unjust laws against the queer community being dismissed amongst few commonwealth countries, are we on the cusp of well needed change? Why and how does the dissolution effect a single dad raising his
son away from his homeland, in a city that seems to be open and accepting of all? Can he break free from his old ideals and embrace the love that he wants and deserves?






Director Mumba Dodwell


Photo credit: Max Herridge



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