Tristan Bates Theatre


Verbatim Theatre 

Thu 8 March - Sat 10 March
Standard Price: £7/£5 Concs.

One actor. Twenty-one stories. Over 47,000 possibilities. You’re in charge.

‘Silent.’ is a bold piece of contemporary documentary theatre exploring the harrowing but inspiring stories of those who survived World War One.

In a daring turn, WildChild are using the Verbatim method of Recorded Delivery, inspired by the works of Alecky Blythe, to tell the unique stories of those who sacrificed so much for the ‘war to end all wars’.

From the conscientious objector to the men who fought at the Somme to the wife of a man shot for cowardice, each tape contains a distinct experience of a different World War One survivor collected and edited from the Imperial War Museum’s archives. These tapes have been played live to the actors through earphones during the rehearsal process and unusually are also played on stage in performance. The actors listen to the audio and repeat what they hear. They copy not just the words but exactly the way in which they were first spoken. Every cough, stutter and hesitation is reproduced, emulating true storytelling and giving the opportunity to bring the stories of those we have lost, back to life.

Mark the centenary of the end of the war with this bold piece of immersive verbatim theatre and hear the voices of the Lost Generation once again.

Due to the unique randomised nature of this piece of theatre WildChild are keen to seek dramaturgical feedback. In addition to the immersive aspect of the Workshop in which they will allow the audience to directly choose how each event plays out, looking for direct advice on how this immersive element may be improved and developed further to aid the overall storytelling.



Actor 1 Rebecca Stanier
Actor 2 Scott Wallace


Director Adam Small
Producer WildChild Productions