Tristan Bates Theatre

Paved With Gold And Ashes

Threedumb Theatre presents 


by Julia Thurston 


Saturday 9th February 




Can five young women keep their dreams alive? Or will everything turn to ashes?


1911. New York City is flooded with immigrants from all over Europe hoping for a new life. The Triangle Shirtwaist factory is one of the most coveted places to work. Some say that in America the streets are paved with gold, full of wealth and opportunities, but is this true for five young factory workers? Based on a true event, taking place over the course of one Saturday in March, Paved with Gold and Ashes explores what it means to be a woman and an immigrant, each young woman daydreaming about the life she wishes to live once her promise of the American dream has been fulfilled. But battling poverty, capitalism, and unfair working conditions, their dreams may just turn to ashes.

Part of Threedumb Theatre's Six Plays, One Day.



Rose Louise Courtney

Rosaria Grace Cherry

Ida Emma Kniebe

Annie Amy Leeson

Lucia Julia Thurston



Director Emma Kniebe & Julia Thurston



This production is presented as part of Threedumb Theatre's Six Plays, One Day. The ticket pricing works as follows:

1 show - £8.00

2 shows - £14.00 (12.5% discount)

3 shows - £20.00 (17% discount)

4 shows - £25.00 (22% discount)

5 shows - £28.00 (30% discount)

6 shows - £30.00 (37.5% discount)




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