Tristan Bates Theatre



devised by YTHO? Theatre Company 

17th - 19th December 





What’s your job worth?



Set in the office building of a children’s charity, O,FFS invites you to clock in on fake news, perspectives and downright BS.

Devised by YTHO? Theatre Company and scripted by Cressida Peever, this wacky, fast-paced comedy takes audiences on a rollercoaster of perception and deception - all while being driven by the warped sense of millennial identity and entitlement. When their boss doesn't show up to work on Monday morning, a scramble to power breaks out in the Coventry branch of a children's charity as Ben, Gail and Angela stake their claims for what they deserve.

But, with the arrival of a new player from head office, three unlikely workers are forced to make an alliance that breaks all their social codes. Lines will be crossed, unspeakable acts committed, and several cups of tea will be made. Milky. Two sugars…



Sacha Aoife Smyth 

Angela Helena Fenton

Gail Jessica Bichard

Ben Liam Faik



Dramaturg Cressida Peever


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