Tristan Bates Theatre

Netflix and Chill

Actor Awareness presents 


by Tom Stocks 



25th - 29th June 

18:15 (13:00 matinee) 




A dark comedy about Male toxicity, cumming in a bus tray and what goes through your inner monologue when you're 'Netflix-and-Chilling'.


"When do you make the first move? What is the first move? When do you try to hold her hand? When do you initiate the thumb rub? Where do you put your other hand? Is that to close to her bum?"

Netflix and Chill first started as a short 15 minute scratch which was performed in London at the Canal Cafe. Then it went onto be performed at Spotlight, Theatre N16, The Globe space in Balham and 53two in Manchester. It was also turned into a short film that is currently being developed. 

The show has many themes but 1 of them is Male suicide and mental health. We were startled when we learnt suicide is the biggest killer for men under 45 and 75% of suicides or committed by men. It is clear this has become an increasing crisis in the UK.  The show highlights the pressures men face in modern dating, the can be toxic world of lad culture and the difficulty men face with talking about their feelings and how to express themselves sometimes. The piece also shows signs you should look out for and highlights the fact it can be happening to men you least expect.






Director Luke Adamson




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