Tristan Bates Theatre



by Charlotte Josephine


10th & 11th June 




Part of the John Thaw Initiative 

Curated by Otherland Theatre 


A dance show, about an ‘others’ relationship with dance.

Hello. I’m making a new show, a dance show, though I’m not a dancer. My relationship with dance has always been complicated, my bond with my body has been messy. I’ve been thinking, a lot, and talking, a lot, about where I sit in that LGBTQ alphabet soup and to be honest, I’m more confused than ever. All I know is that I really need to move. So some beautiful queer friends have lent me their dance stories, I’m going to move their moves in the attempt to better understand some of my own, and maybe inspire you to get up and have a boogie. Thanks for being here. xx

- Charlotte Josephine



Charlotte Josephine



Movement Director Jennifer Jackson

Sound Designer Alexandra Faye Braithwaite



"Sweat-slick and tough, yet sweet and gifted with terrific timing" - The Times for ‘BITCH BOXER’

“Powerful and important theatre…”- The Telegraph for ‘BLUSH’


Photo credit: Max Herridge



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