Tristan Bates Theatre

Hello Georgie, Goodbye Best

Biographical Theatre 

Thu 8 February 
Starndard Price: £7/£5 Concs.


‘Hello Georgie, Goodbye Best’ is a short play focusing on a turbulent weekend footballing legend George Best spent in the Islington flat of Irish actress and intimate friend Sinead Cusack in 1971. George, who was dropped from the Man United for missing training, unbeknownst to anyone journeyed to London regardless and paid a visit to Sinead Cusack. The play looks at the time spent in her flat and their relationship, which was put under great strain after George’s whereabouts were discovered and hoards of press and adoring fans mobbed the flat, entrapping them both there for three days. 

Although a great deal is known about Best, ‘the footballer with magic in his boots but a self-destruct button in his soul’, people can only guess at what really happened inside the flat. For George, who was football’s first ever major icon –known as The Fifth Beatle- we see an insight into his ‘fish-bowl’ lifestyle, only one year before he quit professional football as it all became too much.  Through Sinead, we realize the tragedy of George’s life; while she is an actress on her way up, he is a footballer on his way out far too long before his time. ‘Hello Georgie, Goodbye Best’ offers us a candid lens depicting what happens when you take two young adults out of Ireland and violently expose them to publicity.

We want people to come who have a varying knowledge of George Best and Sinead Cusack.  Before a reading of the script, you will be given the opportunity to discuss and rate your knowledge of George Best,  Following the reading of the script, a we want to discuss it with you and get your feedback on how your experiencing of the script was affected by your understanding of George Best. 


George Best Robbie Martin
Sinead Cusack Rafaela Elliston



Director & Sound Designer Rafaela Elliston