Tristan Bates Theatre

Foundry 18: Active Feedback

Improvised Theatre 

Sat 26 May
Standard Price: £7/£5 Concs.


Each month FOUNDRY18 show what we have been working on to an audience of active participants. We won’t show anything finished or polished, just the scenes and ideas we think would benefit from feedback, the motifs that we keep repeating and notions that are challenging us.

We will ask for feedback and active suggestions as to what else we could do and try them out there and then. As the process is all about improvisation, having new people in the room each month to make suggestions about circumstances and directions for the pieces we are sharing will be essential to the process.  





Oscar Batterham
Tom Chapman
Camille Mallett De Chauny
Rosa Crompton
Luke Dale
Freddy Elletson
Elaine Fellows
Francesca Isherwood
Becky Lee
Richard Leeming
Niall Ransome
Fode Simbo
Charlotte Smith