Tristan Bates Theatre



by Amy Kitts 

7th - 9th January 2019 



***Book for DMC and Me And My Left Ball as a double bill for £15***


An unapologetic, uninhibited, and unashamed look into young people’s lives today.




Deep Meaningful Conversation

noun, slang

1. An uninhibited interchange of innermost thoughts, crucial information, and wild ideas by oral communication between persons at a party.


‘F**k there’s no toilet paper in here.’

‘I went full out tonight for him and it just feels like a waste of time.’

‘This has literally been the most horrific five minutes of my entire life’

‘You’re are playing a dangerous game mate.’

‘You have to believe me Lucy, you have to trust me.’

Non-Vegan Wine. Menstrual Cup. Red Velvet Cake. Behind closed doors is where all the truth comes out and tonight is no different. Be a fly on the bathroom wall of a twenty-somethings house party, where these students lives are less perfect than their Social Media would lead you to believe... Vomit. Betrayal. A blood-stained hand towel. Tonight there is no filter.

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Callum Joe Douglass 

Lucy Amy Kitts

Jasmine Lydia Cherry

Molly Jacoba Williams

Carla Jennifer Biggs

Miles Thomas Mahy 



Director Patrick Medway

Poster Design Daniel Thoeny


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