Tristan Bates Theatre


Loosely Based Theatre Company present 


by Jayne Woodhouse 

6th & 7th March 




Three short, interlinking plays exploring the impact of social class on individual lives, set in the present day and an imagined near-future.


It is 2019 and Leanne is faced with a terrible choice if she wants to give her child a better life than the one predicted for him. Sixty years from now, a couple contend with the brutal outcome of a rigidly stratified society; while Sarah, in the third play, is driven towards making her own drastic protest against the dystopian world in which she lives.

Inspired by real-life situations of social exclusion and inequality, Classified imagines what might happen if present class divisions are taken to the extreme. Finally, in our current climate of political instability and uncertainty, this work in progress challenges the audience to consider whether some responses to injustice can ever be acceptable.






Directed by Calum Robshaw



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