Tristan Bates Theatre


Threedumb Theatre presents 


by Caroline Buckley


Saturday 9th February 




Trapped in a cage, within a cage, within a cage, surrounded by the dead, three survivors are forced to ponder their circumstances.


A claustrophobic and comedic tragedy. Birdy, Ratty and Alex flutter between hopeful and hopeless and they come to terms with the bars that surround them. An absurd exploration of their individual beliefs systems which help them rationalise being abducted and tortured by the unknown.

Part of Threedumb Theatre's Six Plays, One Day.



Alex Matthew Bromwich

Ratty Katie Hamilton

Jamie Robyn Lovell



Director Jonah York



This production is presented as part of Threedumb Theatre's Six Plays, One Day. The ticket pricing works as follows:

1 show - £8.00

2 shows - £14.00 (12.5% discount)

3 shows - £20.00 (17% discount)

4 shows - £25.00 (22% discount)

5 shows - £28.00 (30% discount)

6 shows - £30.00 (37.5% discount)




Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the performance begins. We cannot guarantee entry to the performance once it has begun. The Actors Centre reserves the right to refuse entry.


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