Tristan Bates Theatre

A Voice

Yosis Theatre Compay presents 


by Anne Bertreau 


8th - 13th April 

6:15pm (7pm on the 8th)





A 1960s French pop star steps out of line to speak up for women's rights.

1971. Paris, France: a young woman faces a choice. Will she use her influence as a pop music sensation to speak out about women's rights, or keep quiet to save her career? With a classic 60s soundtrack and live singing, this solo musical charts the rise and fall of starlet Angéle. Plucked from obscurity by music impresario Francois, she lets him shape her into a Eurovision-winning idol. But in the aftermath of a doomed love triangle and a career-rocking scandal, she may have an even bigger opportunity to raise her voice for women.


A note from creator Anne Bertreau:

A Voice was inspired by a heart-wrenching story our grandma told us about abortion at the time when it was still illegal in France. It involved a kitchen table, a mother-in-law and an absent husband.

The #Metoo movement made us realise how artists change lives by speaking out.. and how much courage it must require to speak out when the world is watching.

We’ve drawn inspiration from ‘60s- and ‘70s- women from the music, cinema and political world who did their best to express their voices in a male-dominated world, and risked their careers to speak up for women’s rights.

The writing process was a confusing mix of anger, awe, and hope, from the infuriating lyrics of a 60s’ French pop hit praising domestic violence to the strength of the movie stars who publicly spoke out about having an abortion.

For the show’s first version, we’ve hand-picked the few 60s’ French songs that became world-sensations after being translated into English. We’re currently in the process of rewriting the show’s musical background, keeping a classic Variété Française 60s’ vibe.

Please note that there will be a post-show Q&A after the show on 11th April, discussing abortion rights with panelists from leading British universities and advocacy organisations This will be free to ticket holders.



Angèle Anne Bertreau



Writer Anne Bertreau

Creative Consultant Rhonda Carlson

Producer Sophie Bertreau

Additional original music Daisy Chute







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